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With over 30+ years working with companies like GE, Nabisco, Baskin Robbins, Molson, Bombardier, Imperial Oil, Kapstone Pulp and Paper, Omron, Berg Chilling, Alps Welding, Screenco, etc.. Our clients achieve and sustain reductions in manufacturing costs of 20%+, improve on-time delivery to 99%+, and reduce defects to enhance the quality of product to 99%+. These changes helped grow company profit margins by up to 25%. We guarantee similar results. Contact us today to get started.

We have helped mid-sized manufacturing companies improve margins through:

  • Improving your core company manufacturing and back office processes.
  • Teaching and coaching your staff to identify and solve problems using Lean and Six Sigma principles.
  • Improving your supply chain planning and inventory management.
  • Developing strategies that will help your company grow.
  • Assist in developing and launching new products and production lines that hit market needs.

Whatever discipline you choose, you’ll find your old ideas challenged and your new ideas embraced. Focused Improvement Consulting is a place where together we are creating the knowledge of the future.


At Focused Improvement Consulting, we are results-driven and committed to your success. We go the extra mile to understand your unique issues so we can deliver fresh ideas and focused strategies to keep your business current, competitive, and profitable.

At the heart of it, we are experienced production people – happy and comfortable on the shop floor. But we are also successful business leaders and understand how to make the connection from the factory floor to the front office. That experience allows us to work effectively with your entire team to develop workable solutions and to ensure lasting results.

We believe in working with you for the right amount of time so that we act as a catalyst for your change. Along the way we teach and coach your people so that your team can carry out the change in the future.  We focus your efforts to help achieve significant long last results.

Jitendra Badiani

Helping Companies Thrive

At FIC, we recognize it is essential for companies to generate the desired outcomes – such as increased revenues, reduced costs, or improved profitability. We focus on helping your teams and employees to understand the concepts and develop the right behaviors to deliver the desired results so that your business has a committed and thriving workforce.

Operations Excellence

Focused Improvement Consulting has developed a unique proprietary system for achieving sustainable operations excellence. This is the Focused Improvement System for operations excellence.

This system is built upon a foundation of Lean Six Sigma methodology and allows a company to build a sustainable culture of continuous improvement. We guide our clients in moving through the different stages of this model by working with them shoulder to shoulder, building employee engagement and implementing best in class industry practices.

Coaching at FCI

Proven Approach to Greater Performance

Our approach starts with a focus on adding value to your organization.  Only working on what your customers are willing to pay for.  Then align the customer needs with your teams, employees, and objectives. We tailor and personalize for you and your teams programs and approaches that are related to your organizational gaps, problems and opportunity focused. We focus your team on improving your company’s and team’s performance. That is Focused Improvement.

Our founder brings a mix of both hands-on industry experience and strategy and operations consulting experience. Focus areas include operations excellence, Lean Six Sigma, new product introduction, strategy execution, M&A, supply change management and managing teams on transformation and transition projects.

As JT was transitioning from one role to another, he saw a gap in medium-sized companies to design, and execute improvement projects that lead to long-lasting improvements. JT then started FIC to create laser-focused strategies and plans that resulted in significant improvements. Focused Improvement delivers what they promise.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have a team of experienced teachers

Our academics cooperate across disciplines to create exciting new courses and develop novel approaches to research issues. Our interdisciplinary ethos has helped us to become a national leader in Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma.

A transformational experience that will shape your unique profile and help you launch your professional career.
We offer academic excellence combined with innovative thinking

Focused Improvement Consulting fully ascribes to the adult learning models that employ action and activity-based learning instead classroom “training”. Wherever possible, we engage participants in current challenges from within their workplace so they can experience both real-life issues, as well as the feeling of success that comes from applying new knowledge.

We create and deliver programs driven by the strategic performance needs of the organization. Our service covers the needs assessment, design, development, delivery and evaluation of workshops and programs.

What we cover

Our knowledge transfer and leadership development services focus on the following:

  • Educational Courses & Certification:
    • Lean Six Sigma Foundational Training for Senior Leaders
    • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
    • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
    • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
    • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
    • Leadership Development Programs
  • One on One Leader/Individual Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Facilitation

We are practical, flexible and work at all levels of your organization from the executive suite to the shop floor.

Access to the courses

Access to the courses will last forever from the day of your enrollment.

Don’t worry, we get you covered!

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We offer Lean and Six Sigma courses with certifications that will increase your skill set and be more valuable inside your company.